Storytellers Abroad

Expanding Media’s Role In Missions

Visual communicators are uniquely positioned to tell amazing stories of how people are being changed by the gospel.

Storytellers Abroad offers the opportunity to engage in a hands-on storytelling workshop where you put into practice your passion for digital media and global missions.

During these international trips you’ll receive one-on-one instruction from some of world’s top multimedia professionals. You’ll practice applying media skills in real life missions situations, and learn how to use storytelling to help spread the gospel. Connect your creativity and unique skill set with God’s heart for the world.

Become a Visual Storyteller

Get hands-on field training in photo and video storytelling. Work on the mission field, with full-time missionaries, telling real stories of real lives changed.

Use Media in Missions

Capture and communicate stories of lives changed through photography, videography, and interviews with nationals and missionaries.

Ignite a Passion for the Gospel

Explore and learn from seasoned professionals what using media in global missions looks like and how you can be involved in spreading the gospel to the nations.

Upcoming Trips

Missions Multimedia Workshop

Capture and create compelling stories of missionaries and their work on their fields. This two-week workshop focuses on developing a heart for using video in global missions.

September 5-17, 2024

Location: Tanzania

Stock Missions Photography

Capture missions-in-action in some of the most unique places in the world. Learn advanced techniques in pre-production planning, capture, and post-production editing and workflow.

January 18-25, 2025

Location: Brazil

Spring Break Multimedia Workshop

In partnership with Cedarville University, this workshop gives college students an intensive hands-on experience creating compelling stories in global missions.

March 8-15, 2025

Location: Nicaragua

“I gained much more than I ever would expect to absorb in such a short time frame — from the technical and relational to the missional experience — this workshop hit it all!”

The Trainers

Jeff Raymond, ABWE Visual Communications

Jeff is uniquely gifted in connecting missionary needs with communications solutions. He works closely with 1,000+ ABWE missionaries in 84 countries to train them to use visual storytelling as the basis of their communications strategies. Jeff’s passion is to mobilize media professionals, creating an avenue for them to serve the Lord in missions. He has led media teams to the mission field for over 20 years, bringing a lifetime of photography experience together with his 25 years in missions. 

Stanley Leary, Communications Consultant, Chick-Fil-A Corp.

Stanley is a visual storyteller, whose photojournalism has taken him across the world, with images published in TIME, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and many more. Stanley is also a gifted communicator and teacher. He works with corporate clients to teach their staffs to become more visually effective.

James Dockery, Emmy Award Winning Senior Editor at ESPN

James will never miss an opportunity to engage, to mentor, and to entertain. A brilliant and passionate teacher, his 35 years of photo and video experience have taken him around the globe to tell missions stories. James is an Emmy Award winning editor. He is ESPN’s lead trainer in Adobe Premiere, PhotoShop and After Effects. James is leading the way to incorporate innovative editing and communication techniques in both the elite corporate broadcasting world, and in the missions world.

Gary & Vivian Chapman, Freelance Humanitarian Photographer

Gary has covered humanitarian stories in more than 80 countries, helping organizations create awareness, express their vision and build their community. His visual storytelling has advanced the work of TOMS Shoes, Delta, World Vision, National Geographic publications/ TV, Johnson & Johnson and Atlanta Mission. Vivian, who started by hiring Gary when she was editor of their campus magazine, now assists Gary on assignments. She is in charge of marketing, copywriting and all aspects of business that don’t include pushing a camera button.

Jordan and Cassie Timpy, Co-Founders of Agape Visuals 

Jordan and Cassie are passionate visual storytellers who travel to the ends of the earth to capture inspiring ministry stories. Both are professionally-trained photo and video journalists holding degrees in Visual Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill. Since founding their company, Agape Visuals in 2015, they have traveled to every continent and documented a wide range of stories including indigenous tribes in the jungles of Peru, gold mines in Ghana and one of the world’s worst slums in the Philippines.

jon franz storytellers

Jon Franz, Founder of Jon Franz Creative, LLC

Jon’s 35 year career as an Art/Creative Director in marketing and corporate communications, for brands like Kimberly-Clark, Coca Cola, BellSouth, and John Maxwell helped develop and hone his skills as a creative professional. Today, Jon is a full time video producer, working with many of the brands upon which his career has been built. Jon would tell you, “building brands is one thing. But with Storytellers Abroad I love that we’re serving a greater purpose— making God known by training and encouraging a new group Jesus storytellers.”

ryan geesaman storytellers

Ryan Geesaman, Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department at Lancaster Bible College

Ryan has been involved in media and technology since the 7th grade. From 2004 to 2018, he served as Video Production Director at LCBC, a multisite church based in Manheim, PA. An award-winning film producer and editor, he now serves as Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, directing the Media Arts Production program.

Patrick Davison, UNC School of Media/Journalism

In Pat’s 25+ years in journalism, he’s won more than 100 awards, including the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. He’s taught photo, video and multimedia storytelling since 2001. Leading more than 25 student-team multimedia workshops worldwide, his productions have been recognized by some of the industry’s top awards.

Applicant Requirements

First and foremost, participants should demonstrate an interest in using media storytelling in biblical missions.

Storytellers Abroad is for those with skills and passion in media production and each workshop and trip has its own unique requirements to participate.

View Missions Multimedia Workshop Requirements

View Stock Photography Trip Requirements

View Spring Break Workshop Requirements (Coming Soon)

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