17 Short Stories of How God Called Missionaries to the Field

God is still at work calling laborers into his harvest.

From Message magazine issue "Sent: Introducing Our Newest Missionaries"

Read how God created a burden for the lost and a call to missions in some of the newly-appointed 2021 missionaries.

Adam & Emily (Spain)

When Adam and Emily were visited by a short-term team in 2015, they hosted a meet-and-greet to introduce the volunteers to friends in the community. The event inspired Adam and Emily to start Brilla Café, a coffee shop ministry that opened this fall to foster conversations and deepen relationships with neighbors.

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Jon & Holly (Spain)

Last year, Erick became a believer when confronted with the possibility of death after contracting COVID-19. He and his wife were recently baptized and are serving in their local church.

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David & Catherine (Spain)

Raised as Roman Catholics, David and Catherine became believers in their mid-40s after friends shared the gospel with them. They began serving at a local homeless shelter with David giving monthly devotionals. David sensed a call to go to the field, so he and Catherine are retiring and will be spending their second careers as missionaries to Spain.

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Ken & Eileen (Africa)

Ken and Eileen served in church ministry for years. Ken began by pastoring youth and later transitioned to an international ministry ministering to children and youth, leading short-term missions trips along the way. When Ken and Eileen discerned that the time to transition had come, Ken searched for more pastoral jobs, but no doors of opportunity opened. The Lord made clear that his and Elieen’s spiritual gifts would be best suited elsewhere. Then, God opened a door to minister to the needs of teams in Africa. Today, they are leveraging their background in pastoral care to help mobilize, team build, and encourage ABWE missionaries serving throughout Africa.

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Chris & Rachel (South Africa)

Chris and Rachel will be serving in South Africa doing community outreach and evangelism. Chris worked as a youth pastor before entering the military. Rachel grew up in the church and served in children’s ministry when she was old enough. They met in college, were married, but God didn’t call them to the field until later in their lives.

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Stephanie (Togo)

In her third year of law school, Stephanie dropped out to pursue health science instead. She sensed the Lord calling her into missions and discovered ABWE’s Hospital of Hope in Togo through her local church. After a short-term stint on the field, she plans to return to Togo and continue working as a physician’s assistant.

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Merritt (Portugal)

Merritt’s first experience in missions was a short-term trip to Wales during college. Inspired by the missionaries she met, Merritt went on three more trips in Europe, where the Portuguese captured her heart. She currently teaches first and second grade at the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy in Portugal.

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Krista Tritt (England)

In a family of hunters and baseball players, Krista found her passion in drama and the arts. But after teaching theatre for six years, she quit to follow her true passion— Jesus Christ. Krista went to seminary and will be partnering with a local church to reach creatives in England.

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Philip and Christiana (North America)

Phillip and Christiana are joining ABWE’s Member Care team, bringing with them Phillip’s experience in pastoral ministry and Christiana’s background as a missionary kid in England.

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Stephen (Japan)

As a teenager, Stephen surrendered his life to the Lord and immediately sensed a calling to Japan. The next Sunday, God confirmed this purpose for Stephen when a missionary from Japan spoke at his church. He recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute, where he was introduced to ABWE and is currently preparing to join the team in Japan to continue making disciples and reaching the Japanese through God’s word.

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