A Legacy of Faithfulness: One Woman’s Stewardship Blesses God’s Kingdom

A carefully planned decision allowed a woman to assist her family, friends, and overseas ministry even after her passing.

From Message magazine issue "The Mission Continues"

As the summer of 2021 drew to a close, Jane, a faithful servant of God and financial partner with ABWE, felt a calling to update her living trust agreement. 

Little did she know that just under nine months later, God would call her home. 

Her daughter, Carolyn, was left to carry out her mother’s wishes—a sobering, bittersweet responsibility marked with challenges along the way. 

Jane’s trust included a significant gift to Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB), ABWE’s hospital ministry in southern Togo. The timing of this gift, as Carolyn would later reflect, was nothing short of perfect. But there was more to Jane’s legacy than a financial contribution. 

A House Filled With Love 

Several weeks after Jane’s passing, Carolyn faced a potential hurdle. Her mother’s clear desire was to sell her house to some dear friends—a decision which, on paper, would not have represented the greatest return on investment. Carolyn knew her fiduciary responsibility but also her mother’s heart. 

“While in hospice . . . mom called the friends and asked them if they would want her house after she died. She wanted them to have her house. I am simply trying to carry out my mom’s wishes,” Carolyn shared. 

This complex situation found a compassionate response from Greg Heath, ABWE’s Legacy Giving director. A solution was reached, and Carolyn’s gratitude was palpable: “Thank you for helping allow that to happen.” 

A Legacy Beyond Borders 

The impact of Jane’s stewardship extended far beyond her immediate circle. Her estate gift not only completed the HBB building project but allowed for further expansion in Togo, with the hospital now able to serve as a training base for indigenous medical missionaries to be equipped and sent out to advance the gospel throughout Africa. Her gift was a blessing that continues to resonate in the lives of those healed and saved through HBB. 

Jane’s faithfulness also reverberated much closer to home. “[The homebuyers] are strong believers and probably the most vocal people I know when it comes to sharing their faith,” Carolyn shared. “Mom’s home will be filled with love for the Lord.” 

A Gentle Invitation 

Jane’s story is a gentle reminder of the power of faithful stewardship. Her legacy, together with the efforts of ordinary, faithful believers like Carolyn and the ABWE team to extend her kingdom impact, continues to bless lives and serves as an inspiring example. 

Her life, her choices, and her generosity speak to a heart aligned with God’s purposes. It’s a story that invites reflection on our own lives and possessions, and how we might share them in service to God’s kingdom. It also echoes the lesson of the widow’s two mites, reminding us that any gift, no matter its size, is valuable in the eyes of God (Luke 21:1-4). 

Take the Next Step in Legacy Giving 

Are you inspired by Jane’s story of faithful stewardship? Do you feel called to explore how your own legacy could bless God’s kingdom? 

ABWE’s Legacy Giving team is here to guide and support you. Whether you’re considering a living trust agreement, a will, or other forms of legacy giving, we can help you navigate the process with care and prayerful consideration. 

Editor’s Note: Names in this article have been changed out of respect for the families represented.