From False Teacher to Faithful Pastor

A convicted pastor proclaims his new understanding of the gospel over the airwaves.

From Message magazine issue "To the Ends of the Earth"

A confident pastor, Dumisani had the people in his congregation refer to him as “The Apostle.”

He relished in the distinction and respect attached to such a prophetic title. One day, he heard some fellow men talking about a radio program where a pastor was teaching the Bible in a way they had never heard before. This intrigued Dumisani, and so he tuned in to Vuma 103 FM.

The radio host’s message on chaotic church practices angered “The Apostle” at first, but the truth of God’s word convicted him. Dumisani called the radio preacher and asked to meet with him in 2018. The man behind the microphone was Pastor Dennis Nkosi, who had been shepherding Crossroads Community of Christ church in Durban, South Africa, for 13 years. He began teaching Dumisani and another 20 Zulu pastors who were uneducated in sound, biblical doctrine.

According to those who know Dumisani, the vast majority of his preaching was theologically inaccurate before meeting Pastor Dennis. Things have changed now.

For months, this group experienced tremendous growth in the word of God. As the truth uprooted Dumisani’s arrogance, the burden of his heretical name grew heavier on his shoulders, so he approached Pastor Dennis about renouncing it.

“I need to go before my church and tell them that I am wrong,” Dumisani said. “They should not call me ‘The Apostle.’ I understand now that what I have been preaching is not the truth. I must ask them to forgive me. Not only them, Pastor Dennis, I must go on the radio with you and tell everyone that I was teaching false doctrine.”

Zulu men tend to be very self-confident. They carry themselves in an authoritative manner and usually stick to their word even when they are wrong. Dumisani was no exception, which is what makes his self-effacing action something unheard of in his culture.

In 2019, Dumisani appeared as a guest on Pastor Dennis’ show, giving his testimony on air. He retraced the steps that led him from his “Apostle” days to his transformed life through Pastor Dennis’ classes. Dumisani emphasized that pain typically accompanies truth. Conviction isn’t a mild experience. But this pain gives way to peace through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

By all accounts, Dumisani is a changed man who desires for his congregation to obtain the same awakened spirit that he himself experienced.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about a Zulu focused church-planting initiative in Durban here.