How One Missionary Is Reaching the Deaf in West Africa

Although Liz went to the field to conduct a visual media ministry, God used her gifts to bring the gospel to the deaf.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

“I went to Togo to do media, but God had much more in store for me,” Liz said. “I’ve learned that God can use anything for his purposes.”

In 2015, Liz graduated from Liberty University, where she studied Studio and Digital Arts and minored in American Sign Language.

When Liz arrived in Togo in 2018, she focused on photography and crafting field stories. However, her role transformed when God opened a door for Liz to use her sign language skills to serve special needs and deaf children.

Liz’s initial task of teaching one deaf boy soon grew into an entire ministry, as a great need was exposed for people to teach Togolese deaf children.

Its success garnered attention from deaf schools around Togo and has even presented opportunities to plant similar ministries in neighboring countries like Ghana and Benin.

Liz has borne an enthusiasm for missions since she was nine years old, when she created her missionary notebook—a memento that continues to ground Liz to her original passion when hardships threaten to overwhelm her.

She plans on returning to Togo in West Africa to build relationships with more public deaf schools, start Bible studies for the deaf, train more signers, and connect deaf people to local churches.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about Liz’s ministry here.

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