‘I’ve Never Seen a Reaction Like That’: Watch Salifou’s Powerful Conversion Story

An accident brings a young Togolese man face-to-face with the gospel.

“[H]e was speechless. I’ve never seen a reaction like that—so profoundly amazed at what Jesus did for him,” said ABWE missionary Susie Briggs, describing her encounter with Salifou.

Aboubakar Salifou grew up in a middle class Muslim family in Gando, Togo. He is the fourth of nine sons. Several years ago, he moved to Ivory Coast where he received a job as a backhoe operator. Part of his day was occupied by work, and the latter part was filled with pleasure seeking. Salifou would drink, smoke, and party with his friends in his free time.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop,” said Salifou.

One day in August 2019, Salifou took his motorcycle out for a drive. He was going to meet a friend when he lost control and wrecked. He was severely injured, suffering a compound fracture of the right femur. The outlook for thisthe26-year-old was grim. The doctors said they would have to amputate.

Salifou called his mom in a last-ditch attempt at hope to see if anyone could save his leg. His mom suggested he return home and go to Hospital of Hope just 45 minutes from their family home in Gando.

He arrived with a severely infected leg, and doctors were still unsure if they could save the limb. But after more than five surgeries and being in and out of the hospital for more than a year, Salifou made progress in recovery.

More importantly, Salifou was introduced to the truth of the gospel and has embraced Christ as his Lord and Savior.