Merry Christmas From ABWE

Christmas is a time to rejoice and reflect on the missional nature of God.

Christmas is the best time to reflect on the fact that we serve a missional God. 

Our almighty God, enthroned in heaven, sent his Son, Jesus, to come into the world to redeem it. That precious gift, which came on a dark, quiet, unsuspecting night in Bethlehem nearly 2,000 years ago, set the table for why we send missionaries and go to the nations to proclaim the glory of God. 

It is our great privilege to rejoice in this season at the birth of our Savior. We take great solace in the fact that while the world may seem dark, confusing, and lost, we serve a God who entered into the world because of his great love for his people. 

Rejoice with us this season! Watch our special Christmas message above. 

Thank you for your continued passion and zeal for the gospel. Merry Christmas! 

Gratefully yours, 

Paul and Martha Davis 
President of ABWE