Prayer Focus: How Should We Pray?

Jesus gave us the model to follow that is both intimate and reverent.

“Pray then like this: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” (Matthew 6:9 ESV)

Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:9-13 have been mistitled “The Lord’s Prayer.” However, Jesus never prayed this prayer. Nor did he prescribe it to be prayed ritualistically. Rather, he provided a model template for how to structure prayer.

He affirmed the starting point: address God as Father. Prayer does not begin with our list of wants and demands. It begins by recognizing God’s authority and holiness.

It is amazing that God allows us to call him Father. This demonstrates an intimacy not known prior to Jesus’ teaching. But this must also be balanced with humble reverence. God is our Father, but he is also Sovereign and holy. Therefore, his name is to be hallowed.

It is astonishing to think that over three billion people on the planet do not revere God’s name because they have never heard his name. Our task in missions is to make his name known.

As we ask God to meet the needs of missionaries and to raise up laborers for his harvest fields, let us begin by honoring his holy name.

This week, let’s pray:

“Our Father in heaven, thank you for being my Father. I stand in awe of your holiness. Use me to make your name known in places where people have never heard it.”

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Bobby Hile

Bobby Hile was ABWE’s Director of Long-Term Mobilization. Prior to that, he served for 9 years as a senior pastor in Ohio and for almost 20 years with ABWE as a missionary in South Africa.