Reprogram Your Career for the Gospel

A former tech manager turned his skillset into full-time ministry.

My day job was computer programming.

I was working at a Fortune 20 company while volunteering at my church and serving in different ministries. It was a joy to be involved in ministry⁠—albeit after hours.

Things were going well at work too. In the span of six years, I advanced from junior developer to team leader, managing over 80 people. But although I liked my job, it was not what I wanted to spend my entire life doing.

From an early age, I have desired to see all people love and worship Jesus. I assumed the best way to accomplish that dream was to quit my job, move overseas, and begin the life of a missionary. So, I started exploring overseas options with my church.

When my wife and I traveled to Asia on a vision trip, we met with faithful, well-trained national believers who were already doing effective ministry in their home country. One was running a seminary. Another had started a Christian preschool. Still, others were teaching free English classes as a community outreach or leading orphanages. They knew perfectly the culture and language of the people they were reaching because they were natives. And my wife and I quickly realized they were doing ministry there far better than we ever could if we went there as foreign missionaries.

Resolved to find ways to use our gifts strategically, we returned from our trip saying, “Father, use my ransomed life in any way you choose.” That’s why we now work full time with Live Global to serve national partners as they advance the gospel in their own cultural contexts.

God never wastes anything, though. My time in the corporate world was not just a placeholder—it was preparation for the mission. At my job I learned how to grow and transform an organization. I practiced servant leadership every day. I gained valuable business experience and grew as a computer programmer.

I used to think that in order to pursue full-time ministry I would have to stop doing computer programming. But the opposite is true. Technology can be leveraged for missions. In recent years I have traveled to about a dozen different countries, most of them considered third-world, and I have yet to lose cell service overseas. Actually, the worst cell service seems to be right here in Pennsylvania. Research indicates that in the coming years, 90 percent of the world’s population will have access to the internet.

We can send the gospel digitally to places where we cannot send a North American. We can equip national Christians all across the globe (often by using digital means) to serve in their own regions.

God has now given me a role with Live Global in which I combine my passion for the gospel, my gifts in leadership, and my technology background. And a tailored role like this is not just for me. Anyone can use their career capital for the proclamation of the gospel.

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