Running From God and Back Into His Arms

Grant did everything in his power to leave ministry behind—except to stop listening to God.

From Message magazine issue "To the Ends of the Earth"

As a freshman in high school, Grant found himself on a plane to Hungary. Other than the mountains and street music, Budapest was a far cry from Chattanooga, Tenn.

This wasn’t his first time to the central European country. Grant’s father had brought the whole family over for a brief stint when covering for a missionary on furlough. But this was different—Hungary would be home for the next four years.

Grant and his four siblings spent most of their time helping out their parents’ ministry at the International Christian School of Budapest, a school for missionary kids and other Hungarian students. His roles varied from teaching English to playing music. Although he enjoyed the opportunity, Grant returned to the US for college with the intention of leaving ministry behind for good.

“I wanted to take a major that wouldn’t take me back to the mission field,” Grant said.

Grant studied music education at Liberty University, naively believing such a skill would be of no use in God’s harvest. His attitude and actions reflect that of Jonah. Albeit, Grant’s change of heart would ultimately require much less divine intervention than the prodigal prophet’s.

After graduating in May 2018, Grant returned to Chattanooga, serving in his home church from childhood and giving private piano lessons.

Over time, as he became more involved with the youth group, memories of Hungary resurfaced. They carried a warm and quiet voice, stirring Grant’s heart to reconsider his decision to abandon mission work.

Grant prayed through his conflicting emotions for months. Even after four years on the run from God, he was astounded to discover the Lord waiting only one step behind him. Ultimately, he turned and followed God’s call.

Grant’s college friends and peers had always encouraged him to visit Norway. In retrospect, he thinks it was the Lord’s way of foreshadowing his path to ministry. Grant will be discipling Norwegian believers and training musicians for local churches. Besides the piano, he plays the guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, and accordion.

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