Should We Only Focus on the Unreached?

Scott Dunford, ABWE West Coast Mobilizer, explains our obligation to “reached” people groups.

Success isn’t just to be measured in converts—is it?

Scott Dunford, ABWE West Coast Mobilizer and former Vice President of Mobilization and Communications, shares at the 24 Hour DEMO event why fulfilling the Great Commission means staying in a people group until the job is fully done and sending is taking place.

Exploring missions?

Every journey begins with a first step. There’s no better way to begin your journey to missions than with our 24-Hour DEMO event. Over the course of one day, you’ll get to know the people, passions, and ministries of ABWE, while meeting others on their journey, hearing amazing missionary stories, and eating great food. Best of all, you’ll leave with a firm action plan for cross-cultural ministry.