Transformative Moments in Ukraine

A church in Eastern Ukraine testifies to the transformative power of the gospel, even amid ongoing attacks.

Even during ongoing attacks in Ukraine, reports from local churches testify to the transforming power of the gospel.

“Our partner church, Light of Truth, in Kherson baptized two people during the Sunday morning service,” shares Caleb S., an ABWE missionary on the ground in Ukraine. This small church of about 25 members has around 500 people that attend on Sunday mornings. Nearly all of them are unbelievers. 

In a time when Ukraine faces ongoing instability, this is a momentous occasion. Pastor Oleg, who has been faithfully serving his congregation, even during the Russian occupation and after the city was liberated last November, is witnessing the fruits of his steadfast commitment to gospel ministry. 

One of the newly baptized members, Brother Vitaly, was a man transformed by Christ from a life of drug addiction and despair.

“Christ saved him!” Pastor Oleg exclaimed. “Vitaly was baptized and confirmed his desire to walk through life, constantly holding the hand of Christ.” 

The other, Sister Olga, went through a spiritual journey that led her back to Ukraine from Europe. Pastor Oleg shared, “The Lord himself led her to return to Kherson and to enter into the covenant of baptism with him. Now sister Olga is in a covenant with the Lord and asks to pray for the salvation of her entire family.” 

The Ukraine Crisis Fund has been instrumental in enabling gospel-centered outreach ministries like Light of Truth to flourish amid adversity. While the fund has provided essential aid and resources to Ukrainians in need, its goal has always been to meet people’s spiritual needs. And now, we are seeing the tangible impact of that mission. 

The baptisms in Kherson are not just a cause for celebration; they are a testament to the resilience and faithfulness of believers like Pastor Oleg and the transformative power of the gospel.