When You Want To Go To The Hospital

A South Asian boy builds impacting relationships while taking care of his mother at one of ABWE’s missions hospital.

From Message magazine issue "Women in Missions"

Adib* became somewhat of a fixture around Memorial Christian Hospital during the two months he stayed there.

The boy had been brought in to care for his mother, Hridi*, who was recovering from a recent leg amputation. Homeless, mentally handicapped, and suffering a massive leg wound after being run over and left on the side of the road for days, Hridi was dropped off at the hospital by a good samaritan, who found her suffering. The doctors did everything they could to save the infected leg. But when the wound became life-threatening, they made the decision to amputate.

Adib came to care for Hridi during her recovery when his brother and his wife disappeared after caring for their mother for only a few days. Adib not only faithfully served his mother, but also helped with several other patients in the ward.

The hospital staff took the opportunity and began pouring back into the boy, hiring a teacher so Adib could continue his studies, and getting him acquainted with several of the missionary kids who came to the hospital regularly to play games with him.

Nathan, a doctor at the hospital, began taking Adib to a Bangla church. Then Adib started going to an English Sunday School class with many of the missionary kids he had met at the hospital. Nathan could tell that the boy’s understanding of the truth was growing. But…

“He never accepted it for himself,” Nathan said.

Hridi and Adib have since moved back into the community, living with relatives who—with the urging of the hospital staff and local police—reluctantly agreed to take her in.

The day they left,” Nathan said, “Adib’s brave and proud demeanor broke, as he hugged each of the staff that had cared for him and his mom and he sobbed on my shoulder as we said goodbye.

Adib has been back to the hospital three times now, saving his money for each hour-long bus ride. (One trip was a surgical follow-up with Hridi, who is doing great and was full of smiles.) He makes sure to say “hi” to everyone and then spends time with the missionary kids he befriended.

His last visit, Nathan said, Adib brought some friends with him. They all spent the afternoon with the kids and one of their families, opening several more opportunities to share the truth with Adib as well as his friends.

Nathan and the staff at MCH continue to pray that Adib will soon open his heart to receiving the gospel.

*name changed for security