Ministry Focus

Bible Academy Professor

The Position Our Bible school (Japan Bible Academy, an affiliate of The Master’s Academy International), located in the heart of Tokyo, is looking for qualified professors for our school. A qualified professor would need to have at least an M.Div from an accredited theologically conservative seminary, be able to sign off on our doctrinal statement

Church Planters

Church planters needed in Japan to disciple believers, evangelize people and build new relationships.

International Outreach Leader

We are looking for fellow missionaries who will commit time and effort to reach out to the workers from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil as they pour into the Kanto region for jobs.


Full-time disciple-makers lead the way in making contacts and building relationships leading to opportunities to share the gospel.

ESL Teacher

There are many Japanese of all ages who desire to begin learning or increase their fluency in English. Use your skills to reach and disciple them.

Student Internship

Do you have a love for Jesus and a desire to serve Him? Do you feel drawn to serve in an area of the world where there are very few believers? If so, our Japan team is looking for student interns during the summer of 2021 to serve in various community outreach ministries–all for the sake of building relationships and sharing the Gospel in a country that is less than 1% evangelical.