Watch: Alexe’s Hero—Refugee Ministry Update From the Ukraine-Romania Border

See how a three-year-old boy inspired a relief worker in Romania.

ABWE missionaries at the Ukraine-Romania border are working with a local, Alexe, to provide supplies to Ukrainian refugees.

During the trip, Alexe shares a story about his hero, a young, refugee boy, whose endurance and strength in the face of great adversity inspired Alexe to keep serving the refugees.

Pray With Us

Ukrainians are facing dark, terrifying times. They need prayer partners to intercede for them, as they go through this. Will you join us in praying for strength and safety for our brothers and sisters over there?

US missionaries working in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova are on the frontlines providing relief to those displaced by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Together, our team of 41 missionaries, 12 nationals, and 50 Eastern European churches have:

  • Provided more than 5,500 meals
  • Bought over 55 mattresses for refugees
  • Ministered to more than 3,500 people
  • Distributed over 200 Bibles and gospel tracts
  • Driven 15,000 km to get people to safety
  • Found long-term housing for 30 people
  • Rented 3 vans for transportation to and from the border
  • Ordered 1,400 pounds of medical supplies in partnership with the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (CMAU)

In addition to helping Ukrainians, ABWE missionaries are working with refugees from 20 different countries, including Belarus, China, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Nigeria—many of whom were living in Ukraine as students.

Support Ukraine Refugee Relief

The Ukraine Crisis Fund supports both Christian workers and Ukrainian churches, helping them navigate difficult times and provide for their communities. Currently, the crisis fund is ready to provide gas, coal, housing, food, and evangelistic outreach.