Pastoral or Theological Educator


The Position

Diversity is a great strength in higher education. As a Bible college lecturer, you can provide a welcomed perspective on a faculty of mostly Asian professors. Your expertise and research will be eagerly sought by students as well as local pastors.

In its 90 year history in the Philippines, ABWE has started Bible colleges and seminaries in various regions. These now thrive under local leadership. As accreditation standards become more stringent and as students increasingly seek skills in critical thinking, educators from Western countries are being sought to supplement existing faculties.

If you have experience as a pastor or lecturer, and if you have academic credentials at or above a master’s degree level in a pastoral or theological field of study, this may be the opportunity for you.

The Need

Skills in research, theological development, Bible interpretation, expository preaching and contextualized shepherding are sought by students and pastors. There is scope for not only classroom instruction, but also professional development seminars for the benefit of those already in ministry.

The Impact

The theology of Asia and the advance of the church is in the hands of these students and pastors. Help drive a robust orthodoxy and orthopraxy for this and future generations. Make a meaningful contribution to the advance of the gospel in the last frontier: Asia.

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