Theological Educators

South Asia

The Position

Do you love teaching the Word and equipping people for ministry? We are looking for theological trainers to help develop course materials, create overall curriculum, teach, and counsel national instructors.

Trainers teach modules (minimal one time per year; ideally two times per year) to mentor the instructors and their students in more effective teaching methods. Additionally, they will teach a module in The Pastors Training Seminary, a three- to five-day camp seminar for pastors, deacons, and evangelists. Trainers are involved in teaching and counseling national church planters.

Though a Master’s degree is helpful, it is not a prerequisite. Trainers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a ministry-oriented program, along with church ministry experience (actively serving as/or with a pastor, or heading up a department of ministry in a church, or leading or significantly participating in some sort of outreach team).

The Need

The great majority of the 650 million people living in this area of the world are Muslim, but a significant number of Hindu and Buddhist minority populations exist as well. For those who long to reach the unreached, it would be hard to find a more strategic location. People in this region of the world are eager for friendship, open to discussing spiritual things, and desperately in need of hope for the future. God has miraculously kept the doors to these Muslim-majority countries open, but access is limited. Development programs, businesses, and personal relationships provide unlimited opportunities to share the gospel and strengthen the outreach of our national partners. Join us as we provide meaningful ways to build relationships, bring development in new areas, meet felt needs, and point people to the One who gives true hope.

The Impact

Breathe new life into churches and pastors by providing theological training to those who are eager to have it. That’s why we need people who are passionate about teaching the theological truths of the Bible to men and women who will lead others into true, saving faith in Jesus Christ. If you love building up leaders and helping people go deep with our infinite God, then we have a place for you.

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