Afghan Instability: A Christian Perspective

How should the American church respond to the unfolding events in the Middle East?

Nations rage, kingdoms totter. To this, we bear witness (Psalm 46:6).

The fledgling Afghan government, one such kingdom, has ceded ground to the violent and destructive Taliban. Twenty years of US “nation-building” erased in a matter of days. While political allies shift blame, opponents strategize.

Afghan Christians, now at the top of the Taliban’s hitlist, are fleeing to the mountains.1 Women and young girls fear the Taliban and the possibility of sex slavery.

Desperate attempts to escape—like clinging to military jets as they take off—showcase the terror of what is to come.

Why does God allow such travesty?

Often God uses events like those in Afghanistan to bring judgment upon a nation and call her to repentance. Afghanistan burns, but could this be America’s wakeup call?

  • We decry the atrocities of the Taliban, yet our nation condones millions of abortions.
  • We abhor the Taliban’s sexual violence, yet we indulge in our own vices of sexual immorality.
  • We hate the abuse of women under Sharia law, yet we have perverted womanhood and manhood in our own country.

We must call our nation to repentance and guide our unbelieving neighbors to Jesus Christ. At ABWE, we’re strengthening and resourcing American churches to reach the unreached in our own backyard—to cross cultures without crossing borders.

But, the West isn’t the only place that needs redeeming. We must also pray for our brother and sisters in Afghanistan, asking for their protection and steadfastness.

Afghanistan needs the gospel. As we are witnessing, nations that build upon foundations other than the gospel will crumble.

Let us also pray that God would raise up brave laborers, who are willing to turn their backs on the American dream, who desire to lay it all on the line for Christ—to preach the gospel where it has not yet been proclaimed.

Editor’s Note: If you are willing to partner with us in praying for Afghanistan, then visit Prayer Focus: Afghanistan!