How This Young Woman Answered the Call to Missions

Faith was anxious about missions, but when a certain field need became evident, she knew the Lord was calling her to be the answer.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Faith’s favorite time of the year was when her church had its annual missions conference each February.

She loved hearing stories from the mission field and enjoyed when her parents invited missionaries as guests to their house.

Faith was saved at just six years old when her mother explained the gospel to her one night. She desired to serve the Lord, and interacting with missionaries only fueled that dream. As she grew older, Faith became a leader in her church’s Awana program. It was through this experience that Faith developed a love for teaching and shepherding young children.

However, during her sophomore year of high school, she came to a crossroads.

The exciting missionary adventures Faith had heard in her childhood were now frightening to her as an adult with a more realistic grasp on the discomforts and dangers of serving abroad.

But her heart’s posture changed after an ABWE missionary spoke at her church about the need for MK education in Togo. Faith’s heart swelled, and she knew God was calling her. Such was her passion to go that she accelerated her studies by entering a duel enrollment program to earn her associate’s degree in teaching.

Lord willing, she plans to attend language school in the summer of 2022, with the intent of moving to Togo soon after to teach MKs whose parents serve at ABWE’s Hospital of Hope.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about Faith’s ministry here.

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