How This Family’s ‘Typical North American Christian Lives’ Got Wrecked

The Bible’s command for Christians to be different from the world compelled this couple to take a step of faith.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

“Are we any different?”

Jessica and Wesley felt convicted while leaving Bible study, where they were challenged as Christians to be set apart from the rest of the world.

Both Wesley and Jessica were raised in Christian homes. From an early age, Wesley sensed the Lord leading him to the mission field, so he went to Bible college to prepare for ministry. Jessica grew up moving many times as a pastor’s kid, learning to depend on the Lord for strength through each transition.

However, once married, they moved the missionary dream to the backburner. As Wesley put it, they lived “typical North American Christian lives,” attending church and chasing holiness as best they could as a suburban Canadian family.

But 19 years later, after multiple job changes and living relocations, the Kranenburgs decided to reach for greater ambitions. They got in touch with ABWE Canada and found a need in Ecuador, where they will be engaging communities through a sports ministry, as Wesley uses his expertise in physical education. They hope this platform will lead to fruitful relationships and disciple-making opportunities.

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