From ‘Being Right’ to Broken for Missions

Josh Greve’s two loves were “basketball and being right” until God burdened him for global theological famine.

Jodie Greve knew she was being called to missions at age nine when she saw a missions trip recap presentation by her church’s youth group.

She continued to pursued that call in college, making a trip to Brazil between her junior and senior years at Cedarville University, and completing her student teaching in Papua New Guinea.

But when she was offered the opportunity to continue serving as a teacher in Bangladesh, she felt God telling her no. She thought she was ready to go, but no matter how much she prayed, she could not feel at peace about it.

After graduating, Jodie moved back home and taught at a local middle school. This was not how Jodie had planned her life to play out. But God was using that time to prepare her heart, teaching her many lessons through her time as a middle school teacher living at home.

Meanwhile, prior to dating Jodie, Josh Greve said he had only two loves: “basketball and being right.”

But through his time on the Cedarville men’s basketball team, and through his pursuit of a biblical studies degree, God taught him valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, and that “I was wrong, and he was right.”

Josh began to consider missions on a trip during his sophomore year of college to Bulgaria with Athletes in Action, where the American missionary family who hosted Josh’s team shared with him about their ministry in theological education. Josh immediately felt pulled towards pursuing the same kind of ministry.

Though they had known each other in college, Josh and Jodie’s relationship did not begin to grow until after graduation. After they were married, they moved to Texas so Josh could attend Dallas Theological Seminary. The time they spent serving in India at a Bible college for his internship opened their eyes to the great need and desire for theological education overseas.

“Matthew 10:8 says ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’,” Josh said. “In his grace, [God] taught me his word that I did not deserve to learn. And now he is asking me [to go] teach this word to others.”