How This Post-Career Couple Is Using Their Skills for Missions

An architect and a mental health professional are retooling their gifts for the mission field.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Growing up in a pastor’s family, Katherine and her siblings were expected to be role models for the rest of the church.

So, when Katherine’s sister attempted suicide, her parents were overwhelmed with shock. They had always thought spiritual education would prevent mental illness. Consequently, the congregation asked her father to resign, doubtful of his ability to shepherd a church when such familial problems festered undetected.

This crisis prompted Katherine to pursue a career in psychology, eventually becoming a certified mental health professional. She will be joining ABWE’s Member Care team, using her skill set to help missionaries who are struggling with mental health needs on the field.

Todd is an experienced architect and will be serving in the Project Office to support facilities and expansion across ABWE’s mission fields. He first developed a love for architecture when he was just a teenager and has been working in the field ever since.

Todd was a veteran draftsman when God placed ministry on his heart. After many years in the secular workforce, he and Katherine agreed it was time to use their skills and professions for kingdom work.

“As an architect, plans are what we do,” Todd said. “But God’s plans are better than my simple ones.”

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