Graduates to Glory 

In 2023, the Lord called three active, long-term missionaries home. We honor them together as a global family.

From Message magazine issue "'Come Over and Help Us'"

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

Bibiana Morgan 

February 23, 1954 – April 23, 2023 

Sending Church: Indian Rocks Baptist Church, Largo, Fla. 

Ministry Locations: Liberia, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia 

Peter and Bibiana Morgan. Photo: Morgan family.

Growing up as one of 12 children, Bibiana doubtless experienced crowded rooms and busy schedules in her early years. Amid the bustle, however, the Lord was at work. At the age of 16, she came to faith through hearing the Word at a Sunday service with her mother. From that moment, her life was not her own, but the Lord’s. 

In the years following her conversion, Bibiana developed a deep passion for missions. As a native of St. Lucia, she had always felt a particular call to bring Christ to the St. Lucian people, but the winding road of God’s providence did not initially give her that opportunity. 

After their initial appointment to Liberia in 2000 and a brief period of service in Trinidad and Tobago, Bibiana’s desire came to fruition when she and her husband, Peter, transferred to St. Lucia in September 2002. 

Bibiana displayed steadfastness in her labor for the Lord in St. Lucia and to her final hour. She considered it a high privilege to serve her Lord, which abundantly overflowed in countless ways to countless people. She was involved in Bible studies, youth camps, marriage seminars, women’s retreats, abuse counseling, English lessons, music classes, and soccer ministry. 

Though the news of terminal illness is always grave, Bibiana knew it was not the end, but the beginning. When the doctor told her that she did not have long to live, she said, “Oh, don’t worry about me, doctor. I am ready to die and go to be with my Savior, Jesus Christ.” 

Becky Sterken 

May 2, 1966 – April 12, 2023 

Sending Church: Shelby Road Baptist Church, Shelby, Mich. 

Ministry Locations: Central America and the Caribbean 

Becky and Mark Sterken. Photo: Sterken family.

The daughter of a Michigan pastor, Becky heard the gospel from virtually the moment she was born. The Lord blessed those ordinary means of grace, and she professed faith at the age of four. When she committed her life to the service of the Lord as a teenager, Becky could only imagine how the Lord would use her in the years to come. 

The heart for missions and the local church that marked her early years deepened throughout her life, and in July 2010, Becky and her husband, Mark, received an appointment to serve with Live Global in Central America and the Caribbean. She joyfully carried out that calling, working alongside national pastors to strengthen and encourage the local church and the indigenous community. 

Becky lived a life that impacted those around her, and as her life drew to a close, that impact was only magnified. Even as she was plagued by the constant pain of cancer, her face was marked by an equally constant smile. Her hope and joy in the face of such dire circumstances deeply touched those around her. 

As she enjoys the glories of heaven, her life is still pointing people to Christ. The testimony of Becky’s faith opened many doors for gospel proclamation. One six-year-old girl in particular, who heard the story of Becky’s life at her memorial service, is now trusting in Christ for salvation because of Becky’s faithful bearing of the standard of her Lord. 

Les Collins 

October 17, 1956 – February 14, 2023 

Sending Church: Woodside Bible Church, Troy, Mich. 

Ministry Location: South Asia 

Les Collins. Photo: Collins family.

A man of faith, Les Collins maximized his years on the mission field for the glory of God. As someone who entered overseas ministry later in life, Les leaves an impact outweighing the number of his years of service. 

His first experience of missions was a short-term trip to South Asia from 1999–2000. The Lord used that trip to ignite in Les and his wife, Debbie, a desire for missions which he carried to the end. 

A facilities manager by profession, Les did not restrict his service to campus maintenance. He actively sought opportunities to preach to and disciple those among whom he worked. This passion was exemplified by his joyful undertaking of the tedious task of learning the local language as an adult to share the gospel with locals in their own tongue. 

During his tenure in South Asia, he was involved in the construction of the mission hospital. When the time came for its dedication, however, Les was gravely ill. As a patient in the hospital, he asked to be relocated to a room with a window from which he could see the dedication tent. Still too far from such a significant event for those he so dearly loved, Les mustered the strength to walk the 200 yards to the tent and back to the hospital to sit alongside those to whom he had devoted his life. 

Les lived a life of diligent labor and is now enjoying eternal rest and worship.