Going to the Harvest—Literally

This missionary is headed to Mexico to plant gospel seeds in agricultural communities.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Aliza’s faith journey began with her father, who became saved in adulthood when she was 13 years old.

Young Aliza noticed a change in his character. He spoke with wisdom and extended more patience. He shared the gospel with Aliza frequently over the next six years, but she dismissed the idea as irrelevant and fanciful compared to what she was learning in public school.

Then came the turbulent and disorienting years of adolescence, and along with them a quest for purpose and meaning in life. Travel seemed like it could be an antidote to her aimless wandering, so Aliza decided to participate in a foreign exchange program to Mexico—she had vacationed there as a teenager and had fallen in love with its strong, familial culture. Aliza did end up finding direction, but it had little to do with her destination or the number of miles that separated her from home in upstate New York.

“That was a formative year of my life,” Aliza said. “God began softening my heart toward his word.”

Upon her return to the US, Aliza entered college and roomed with two girls who were Christians. She quickly befriended one of the roommates, and after attending church and Bible study with her, Aliza herself chose to follow Christ as well.

In the proceeding years, Aliza sensed a strong calling to minister in Mexico. In 2018, she interned with Wycliffe to learn about translating scripture into indigenous languages. Although she held higher degrees in Spanish and ESL Education, she soon realized that her love for language acquisition stemmed from a desire to build relationships, not an aspiration to conduct meticulous translation work. More specifically, her heart belonged to evangelism and discipleship.

She prayed for open doors and researched over 200 mission agencies for such an opportunity. ABWE became the clear option. Aliza will be partnering with local churches to organize Bible studies in agrarian, low-education farm camps on the northeast coast of Mexico.

Learn more about Aliza’s ministry here.

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