How an Accident Drew a Young Woman Deeper Into Missions

A motorcycle crash seemed to stall Theresa’s missions plans, but God used it to confirm her calling.

From Message magazine issue "Sent: Introducing Our Newest Missionaries"

Theresa had made the five-minute commute to the Hospital of Hope (HOH) numerous times in the past.

But today, she would be arriving not as a worker, but a patient.

Ever since she was 12 years old, Theresa had imagined herself moving to Africa as a missionary. Although working at a hospital didn’t match the “missionary jungle adventures” of her childhood fantasies, the experience was a dream come true.

She studied nursing at Cedarville University, where the Lord continued to stoke her passion for missions. During college, she even had the opportunity to work with Muslim refugees, which God used to soften her heart toward Muslims.

Theresa was connected to HOH through ABWE missionaries. They encouraged her to go on the short-term healthcare trip that she was currently on.

She was making her way to the hospital for another day on the job. While crossing an intersection, Theresa collided with a motorcyclist. The head-on impact injured her mouth and knocked several teeth out, bringing an abrupt end to her trip.

She returned to the US with a heavy heart, wanting to be with the Togolese on the field. Before, she was certain God wanted her to serve in Togo long term. Now, she was uncertain of her next steps.

Over time, through prayer and encouragement, Theresa realized God was drawing her to greater dependence on him during this difficult season.

“God’s glory isn’t jeopardized by where I am,” said Theresa. “The accident got me to a place of surrender, knowing the Lord is still in control.”

Theresa plans to go back to Togo in May 2022 as a mid-term missionary.

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