How to Get Your Church Engaged in Global Missions

Entering the arena of global missions can be difficult for any church. Here are some practical steps to move in that direction.

We know Matthew 28:19-20 is not just a suggestion.

It’s a command from Jesus to “go and make disciples of all nations.” And we know that He uses His church as a primary way to fulfill it.

But with limited resources and unlimited opportunities, how can a pastor and missions leaders in the church be more effectively engaged in world missions? We know it can be overwhelming, so here are 10 baby steps for pastors and missions leaders to help get your much missions-ready for blast off.

10 Baby Steps for Pastors and Missions Leaders

1. Find Out What’s Happening Out There

Be aware of the world. And what God is doing throughout it. People in your church are desperate to know what is already going on. Knowing how God is already at work will help you pray and engage in global missions from a different perspective.

2. Get Small

You can’t be focused and strategic in global missions while doing everything. Adopt something specific that your church is passionate about and go all in.

Learn how to create a global missions strategy for your church.

3. Adopt the Wow Factor

Dream big. But don’t dream big about everything. Dream big about what your focus is and run hard toward it. And don’t be afraid to dream beyond your church’s capacity.

4. Talk to Yourself

You are the leader for missions in your church. If you’re going to get the congregation on board for global missions, your top leadership must buy in first. Focus on working with them and pray for your entire church leadership to get behind your global missions strategy.

5. Cry for Help

You don’t have to dive into global missions alone. There are organizations out there that exist to help you. Don’t go at it solo. Partnerships and wise counsel are key in this area.

6. Find “Waldo”

In every church, there are people with incredible gifts they’re passionate about. Find them and tap into what they do as they pertain to global missions. Maybe you have a prayer warrior who has prayed for the salvation of children of sex workers for decades. Maybe there’s someone who has traveled to Asia and has built relationships with ministry leaders there. Get to know these people and glean from their passions and knowledge.

7. Knock, Knock, Ask “Who’s There?”

There are national Christians doing ministry among their own people all across the globe. And they often do it better than a Western missionary ever could because they work among people who share their culture and language. Get to know these people and invite them to come to your church to share about their ministries. This can be the beginning of a fantastic global partnership.

8. Check It Twice

You must evaluate your missions program. It’s not enough to set something up and let it go for years without taking the time to prayerfully reconsider and analyze. Be humble and willing to accept the need to change if it’s there. Pursue what it takes to make your missions efforts at your church top-notch.

9. Set the Timer

Have an exit strategy for every partner and project. If it’s not too late, put this in place even before you press the play button. This way you’ll be able to have an understanding of when projects will be complete and you’ll be able to have a plan for the future. Plus, this exit strategy will help you when it comes time to reevaluate and make it easy to change your focus if what you had wasn’t working.

10. Aim Low

By aim low, we mean impact the kids. They are the next generation in your church. They will be taking charge of your missions strategy one day. Make sure you’re impacting them for Christ and helping them see—and be a part of—what God is doing across the globe through global missions.

A Helpful Tool for Churches to Engage in Global Missions

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Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Live Global. Used with permission.