Jesus Is Alive!

As Jesus lives, so also does the body of Christ.

A special message from ABWE President Paul Davis:

Jesus is alive! After a year marked by so much pain and suffering, this good news is even more welcoming and encouraging than it has ever been.

The story of Easter begins with something that has touched many of us recently—death. And in the Easter story, specifically death by crucifixion at Golgotha, the place where God poured out his wrath upon his son and where Jesus mercifully made atonement for our sins (1 John 2:2), allowing us to have a new and truly abundant life in him (John 10:10).

Three days after his death, Jesus surprised his disciples by rising from the dead, conquering the grave and proclaiming to the world the good news of redemption.

The good news of this death, burial, and resurrection has become the gospel that we celebrate and proclaim to the nations. We have been set free from the bondage of sin (Romans 6:22), so we willingly and joyfully join in the mission Jesus Christ by going and making disciples of all people (Matthew 28:19).

This year, the ABWE family, churches, donors, and missionaries around the globe have overcome unprecedented obstacles to share this good news. We cannot fully express our joy as we hear and read story after story of our global team meeting overwhelming needs through fervent prayer, service, and sacrificial giving.

In one of my recent travels, a couple of us met with a friend who sees it as his business’s purpose to support missions. The Lord moved his heart to give a gift that completely covered the funds for an entire church building project in a secure-access country. We have seen this type of generosity over and over this year.

Despite a worldwide pandemic, our missionary family continues to grow. 46 individuals attended this past 24-Hour Demo, an event to explore their next steps toward missions. And just last week we appointed 15 new missionaries—that’s 15 more laborers who have answered the call to go into the harvest.

This Easter, amidst the egg hunts and family get-togethers, remember that because Jesus is alive. You are loved, redeemed, and an integral part of an extraordinary missions family.

From our home to yours: happy Easter.

Paul and Martha Davis

The Resurrection Changed The World

ABWE has created a brand-new video course called The Resurrection, that is a Scripture study through the power of the resurrection of Jesus, displaying how it is both epoch turning and life transforming.

Join us as we thread together the elements of the resurrection through scripture and how they impact our lives today.