A Miraculous Adoption

God redeemed a horrific tragedy, providing safe spaces for both mother and child.

From Message magazine issue "Wonderfully Made"

Far too often, rape is a norm—not an exception—for women in Papua New Guinea.

Alani was a first-year student at Goroka Bible College. As a young, Christian woman, she dreamed of becoming a teacher.

But things didn’t go smoothly, at first. A few weeks into the program, she became concerningly ill.

As the doctor examined her, all signs pointed to pregnancy, and a quick physical examination confirmed it.

Horror dawned on the young girl’s face, her composure hanging by a thread, as the doctor wheeled in the ultrasound machine. The dating placed the baby at twelve weeks.

When she heard the conception date—January 1—she broke down sobbing, reliving the horror.

That day, her mother had sent her to the public market for fresh food. Out of nowhere, a strange man had cornered her. And even though she’d fought hard, she was overpowered.

Feeling ashamed and alone, she tried to convince everyone that nothing was wrong. But her friends and family knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

When Alani finally told her parents, they wept—not just because of the evil act committed against their daughter, but because she’d carried the sorrow and shame and hurt alone for four, long months. Now, for the first time, Alani didn’t have to stand on her own. Her parents were by her side, caring for her.

Despite the continued trauma and shame of a pregnancy, Alani decided abortion wasn’t an option. She knew in her heart that a life, no matter how it was conceived, was still worthy of protecting.

So, she began looking for adoptive parents for her baby—and soon found a godly couple she could trust.

The president of the Bible college and his wife only had one adult child. They’d hoped for more, but God hadn’t granted them another one—yet. Now empty nesters, they longed to pour their love into another life.

When Alani met Jack and Dorothy and sensed their longings, she made up her mind. Jack and Dorothy would love her child. Maybe God had put them in her life for such a time as this. Together, they planned for her to return to campus a month before her delivery, have the baby at the college clinic, and give her baby to the couple.

As word leaked out about Alani’s pregnancy, the Bible college students and staff rallied around and supported her. No gossip. No rumors. No back-handed comments. Just quiet, loving support.

When the day came, the president’s wife stood by Alani through the delivery and welcomed a healthy, baby girl.

After recovering from the delivery, Alani was welcomed back to class by her peers. While healing from the trauma was slow, Alani was surrounded by the love of her family, friends, and peers at the Bible college. Her sacrifice was widely admired, honoring her baby’s life despite the trauma and pain she’d experienced.

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