Planting by Pastoring: A Vision for Starting a Healthy Church With Nathan Knight

Is staying put and shepherding really the enemy of church planting missions?

Is church planting just a numbers game, or is there a deeper, biblical vision for launching new congregations? In this episode, we sit down with Nathan Knight, author of Planting by Pastoring: A Vision for Starting a Healthy Church, to challenge the entrepreneurial mindset that often infiltrates church planting. Knight unpacks the biblical foundation for seeing planters as pastors and churches as flocks to be shepherded. Tune in for a refreshing perspective that shifts the focus from metrics to ministry. See full show notes….

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Alex Kocman & Scott Dunford

Alex Kocman is the Director of Communications and Engagement for ABWE. He serves as general editor for Message Magazine and co-hosts The Missions Podcast. After earning his M.A. in Communication and B.S. in Biblical Studies, he served as an online apologetics instructor with Liberty University and a youth pastor in Pennsylvania, where he now resides with his wife and three children. Read his blog or follow him on X/Twitter.

Scott Dunford is the pastor of Western Hills Church in San Mateo, Calif. Previously, Scott served as Vice President of Mobilization and Communications for ABWE and as a missionary in East Asia. Scott graduated from Northland International University (B.A. in Pastoral Studies), earned his M.A. in biblical studies from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, his M.B.A. from Cornerstone University, and is currently enrolled in Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s D.Min. program with an emphasis on missions.