Prayer Focus: A Hidden Truth

The mission of the church is to expose the once-hidden gospel.

“For  the wrath of God  is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.” (Romans 1:18 ESV)

There is a cover-up at play…

…and the whole world is in on it.

Romans says the gospel uncovers God’s righteousness (1:17) and wrath (1:18). Christ revealed the standard of God’s righteousness. He is the perfect, sinless Son of God, who was the sinner’s substitute. At the same time, the brutality of the crucifixion revealed God’s wrath towards sinners. Jesus endured God’s wrath for the ungodly and unrighteous.

But the Apostle Paul identified a worldwide cover-up. The truth of the gospel and God’s wrath are suppressed. People from all languages and cultures participate in this cover-up. Their unbelief, false religion, and unrighteousness stifles the truth.

The mission of the church is to expose this cover-up by proclaiming the gospel. So many in the world today remain under God’s wrath because they do not obey Christ and do not know him. (John 3:36). Only the gospel can set them free. What role will you play to expose this cover-up?

This week, let’s pray:

Lord, show me how to lift up the truth that has been suppressed. Open my mouth to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Help my church to reach the peoples of the world.

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Bobby Hile

Bobby Hile was ABWE’s Director of Long-Term Mobilization. Prior to that, he served for 9 years as a senior pastor in Ohio and for almost 20 years with ABWE as a missionary in South Africa.