Soap and Hope in Nicaragua

When the pandemic hit Nicaragua, missionaries launched a project with two goals: meet health needs and reduce fear through the gospel.

From Message magazine issue "Christ in the Crisis"

According to missionaries and nationals, many COVID-19 safety recommendations are nearly impossible in Nicaragua.

Regular handwashing is a luxury in communities that get water piped in only twice a week. And, with so many families living in one-room constructions of plastic and tin, isolating an infected person is absurd.

By contrast to the regular COVID-19 briefings in the U.S., Nicaragua’s government has enforced no preventative measures, and the heads of state have said relatively little concerning the pandemic.

Schools and universities are in session, large group marches and inaugurations are celebrated, and there is no mandate to wear masks or perform any level of social distancing. Yet despite this business-as-usual approach, fear grips the people of Nicaragua.


In response to this growing fear, the ABWE team in Nicaragua launched the Soap and Hope evangelism project.

Missionary Traci Warner reflected, “We’ve learned that soap can kill this virus, and I know of a hope that can destroy the effects of sin we deal with.”

ABWE missionaries partnered with Word of Life and national pastors to help the physical and spiritual needs of families across more than 20 communities. In addition to holding sessions to educate nationals on the virus, they gave these families care packages of beans, rice, oil, sugar, pasta, soap, toothpaste, and matches. Finally, and most importantly, the missionaries presented the gospel and connected some of the families to local churches.

Ultimately, the team distributed over 600 packages of food and witnessed over 100 professions of faith. Please pray for these families and for Nicaragua during this health and economic crisis.

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