Aviation Ministry: Taking the Gospel Through the Sky

With a passion for aviation, Justin and Megan are using their gifts to take the gospel through the air.

From Message magazine issue "Sent: Introducing Our Newest Missionaries"

Justin fell in love with airplanes as a boy, often building model planes with his brother growing up.

His fascination with aviation was inspired by his father, who was raised in a house at the end of a runway.

So, when he saw a yellow-winged model Piper J3 Cub in his pastor’s office, Justin was immediately intrigued.

“You like airplanes?” Justin asked.

The pastor responded, “You know Nate Saint and Jim Elliot?”

The question, a reference to the legendary missionaries who flew the iconic aircraft in Ecuador, figuratively flew right over Justin’s head. The world of missions wasn’t part of his “semi-churched” upbringing.

Justin had stopped attending church before college, turning his back on faith until his mother became severely ill. Her condition moved Justin to prayer, asking God to miraculously provide the funds to afford her medication. When God came through and healed his mother, Justin couldn’t ignore the Lord any longer and surrendered his life to him completely.

While in college, he met Megan, who had at the time just recently recommitted her life to Christ.

Megan loved going to church as a child, but as she grew older, attending church was no longer optional but mandatory. This enforcement bothered Megan, and like Justin, when she gained independence, she distanced herself from Christianity and plunged into the world for fulfillment. Megan resurfaced depressed and unsatisfied.

Then, God brought her back to himself .

At a David Crowder Band concert, she was introduced to a missions opportunity. The following summer, Megan went on a short-term trip to Canada to help lead a Vacation Bible School program.

While in college, she plugged into a church and brought Justin along too.

Seven years later, Justin and Megan, now married, were meeting with their pastor when Justin noticed his miniature airplane.

Seeing his interest in aviation, the pastor recommended Justin join a missions trip to Alaska with the Kingdom Air Corps, a bush pilot ministry bringing the gospel to Alaskan natives in some of the most isolated places in North America.

The experience set Justin’s heart ablaze for the Great Commission. He sensed God leading him to do aviation ministry full-time, a vision Megan wholeheartedly agreed with. Missionary friends recommended they check out ABWE, and soon after they attended a 24-Hour Demo event at the International Headquarters.

Today, they and their two children are headed to Togo to reach unengaged people groups through aviation ministry.

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