The 2022-2023 New Missionary Class 

Meet the new ABWE missionaries dedicated to advancing Christ’s mission around the globe.

From Message magazine issue "The Mission Continues"

As the resurrected Jesus gathered his disciples one last time before ascending to heaven, he charged them with spreading the news of his glorious plan for salvation throughout the earth. The small band of apostles was to multiply into a world-wide congregation of Christ-followers.  

Luke records their assignment: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). 

Christ offered his unmatched power, knowing that the mission would demand commitment, devotion, and sacrifice. It would require the entire body of Christ—those who would directly confront the darkness of hostile religions, cultures, and political systems, and those who would faithfully and sacrificially support them along the journey.  

Two thousand years later, the mission continues. With three billion people still without access to the gospel, our generation must pick up the mantle, carrying the name of Christ into unreached regions shadowed by Islamic minarets, empty cathedrals, or rugged wilderness. 

Since autumn 2022, we’ve seen 53 new mid- and long-term workers join ABWE and seven join ABWE Canada. Their stories of calling and commitment to ministry follow. 

Many are preparing to serve in contexts that pose a security risk to them and their partners in ministry. Their identities have been withheld to preserve their safety and effective witness. 

The calling of each new worker is a calling for the global church: to faithfully pray, partner, support, or join them in ministry. Will you join us in Christ’s mission? 


Jacob & Carol Lee
ABWE GO | Associates | Uganda

Rebecca Collier
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Togo

Rebecca Johnson
ABWE GO Aviation | Long Term | Ghana

Derek & Christine Penny
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Togo

Daniel & Anya Storey
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Togo


P.M. & R.P.
Live Global | Long Term | South Asia

Stephen & Kaytlin Brock
ABWE GO | Long Term | Japan

ABWE GO | Long Term | South Asia

ABWE GO | Long Term | South Asia

Live Global | Long Term | Middle East/North Africa

R. & A.P.
ABWE GO | Long Term | South Asia

Nathan & Azusa Stratton
ABWE GO | Long Term | Japan

Live Global | Mid Term | South Asia


Madison Dugger
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Portugal

Live Global | Long Term | Balkans

Sarah Hanson
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Hungary

Live Global | Long Term | Europe

Live Global | Mid Term | North Africa

Jack & Loulou Murray
ABWE GO | Long Term | Germany

J. & L.T.
ABWE GO | Long Term | The Balkans

Latin America

Kurt & Bethany Gomez
ABWE GO | Long Term | Mexico

Patience Czelusniak
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Chile

Stephen & Jessica Morse
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Ecuador

Hannah N.
ABWE GO | Mid Term | Chile

Lydia Neuman
ABWE GO | Long Term | Brazil

North America

Christian & Ximena Aguilar
EveryEthne | Mid Term | US

Ray & Grace Brandon
EveryEthne | Long Term | US

Donna Childs
EveryEthne | Long Term | US

Michael & April Davies
ABWE GO Aviation | Long Term | US

Mark & Kim
Live Global | Long Term | US

B. & C.
ABWE | Long Term | US

Kenneth & Melissa Heiland
Beautiful Feet International | Long Term | US

B. & A.
EveryEthne | Long Term | Canada

Paul & Katie Moss
EveryEthne | Long Term | US

Dallas & Jen
EveryEthne | Long Term | US

Jesse & Bethany Stewart
EveryEthne | Long Term | US

Live Global | Associate | US/Belize

Live Global | Associate | US