From Backslider to Missionary

A rebellious young man embraces God’s calling to go abroad and teach the Bible.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

“Unfortunately, my story involves a lot of backsliding,” Justin said.

“The faith of my childhood was genuine, but it took a long process of sanctification to get me where I am today.”

Once he finished reading the Book of Revelation in the car after church, Justin confessed his sins and believed in Jesus. Although he didn’t understand the text, its grim picture of fire and brimstone moved the frightened, young 11-year-old boy to repentance.

Over time, Justin grew resentful toward this fear-driven faith, rebelling against it in high school by taking up drugs and even getting arrested. As these worldly habits followed him into college, an overwhelming emptiness hung over his shoulders.

His hollow desperation led him to church, where he rededicated his life to Christ after hearing the gospel in a pure light. The Lord placed a yearning in his heart to pursue ministry. Today, Justin plans to serve as a Bible educator in Mexico City, helping aspiring church planters firmly place their feet on Scripture’s foundational truths.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about Justin’s ministry here.