Watch: Bring Gospel Hope to the Unreached Through the South Asia Ministry Center

In the heart of this spiritual wilderness a beacon of hope is being ignited.

In a bustling city of over 35 million people in South Asia, the spiritual need is undeniable.

Over 500 people groups call this city home and the vast majority remain unreached by the gospel. Christian represent only 2.8% of the population, which is dominated by Hinduism.

For years, a vibrant ministry led by Paul, a pseudonym for our fellow missionary, has been serving this city, proclaiming the gospel and fostering discipleship in a complex cultural and religious landscape.

The ministry has been channeling its efforts through multiple avenues such as church planting, leadership development, and campus ministry.

The establishment of a ministry center in the heart of the city is far from just a physical structure and represents a vision to further amplify our ministry efforts.

The first step towards realizing this vision is to raise $1 million to secure a piece of land in a city where real estate costs are double that of Manhattan or LA. This land will be the launching pad for an expanded ministry that will be instrumental in reaching 20 unreached people groups and planting 30 biblical churches by 2030. There is an urgency to act as the opportunity to establish a presence in this city is closing, both legally and financially. We need your help to keep this window open.

Your contribution is more than just a land purchase; it is an investment in a vision to transform a city and impact eternity. Together, we can ensure that this ministry continues to shine the light of the gospel in South Asia by changing the spiritual landscape of this metropolis and nurturing the next generation of ministry leaders.