Redeeming the Time: What Daily Life Is Like as a Missionary

Sometimes the day-to-day is tedious. Here are three questions we can ask to keep God in the center of our days.

Most of us live undramatic lives.

In fact, if we are honest, much of what we do each day seems totally insignificant in the grand scheme of eternity. This is true even for missionaries serving in foreign lands—who still must shop for groceries, fold laundry, and sleep at night.

So often as Christians, our journey feels tedious. Yet we must keep stewarding well the moments God sets before us each day.


The reality is that every Christian, on or off the mission field, is much more likely to be a plodder than a sprinter or even a distance runner.

Most of us muddle along in our daily routines, walking in patterns with which we are familiar and comfortable. So, we must constantly be reexamining our daily routine, asking, “How can I glorify God?”

The habits we cultivate set the course for the pattern of our entire lives. Given this, let’s consider some questions I often ask myself to reevaluate the pattern of my daily plod.

  1. What place does prayer have in your day? Is there a regular time that is reserved for you to talk with God? It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be regular and habitual.
  2. How systematic is your reading of God’s word? Are there parts you consistently neglect? Do you have a plan to keep you in the Bible on a regular basis?
  3. How often do you find yourself thinking and pondering over God’s word? Do you give yourself time to reflect and think?

I believe that if our daily plod includes these three questions, we will each be well on our way to living lives that are pleasing and useful to God. These small steps can make big strides in our witness, affecting our relationships and interactions with people in ways that point them to Jesus.

So, I ask you, “How is your daily plod?”