Where Will I Go When I Die?

At 84 years old, Balbina knew she didn’t have much time left on this earth.

At 84-years-old, Balbina knew she didn’t have much time left on this earth, and a troubling question began gnawing at her — “Where will I go when I die?”

Balbina started searching for answers throughout her city in Colombia, but after reading the Bible and visiting seven different churches, she still felt confused and unsure.

Then, ABWE missionary Heidi Gott knocked on her door. Balbina’s daughter had asked Heidi to check on her mother, and soon after arriving, Balbina opened up about the question she was wrestling with.

Heidi had the answer to Balbina’s prayers. She clearly explained God’s story of redemption that began in the book of Genesis and how He sacrificed His only son to cover the sins of man. Balbina finally understood that she could have eternal life and she placed her faith in Jesus Christ.

“Now I know why God has kept me alive all these years. He knew I needed to hear this,” Balbina said. “I am going to heaven, because I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again!”