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The Great Commission Is Too Big to Do Alone.

Our mission is a monumental task that calls for the collective effort of the body of Christ. At ABWE, we recognize that this mission is too big to do alone. It requires collaboration, partnership, and a shared vision to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Guided by our core values, we believe our lives and possessions are for sharing. This conviction drives us to work hand-in-hand with various organizations, churches, and individuals who share our passion for spreading the good news. Below, you’ll find a list of our esteemed partners who have joined us in this vital mission, each contributing uniquely to fulfill the Great Commission.


All ABWE missionaries can receive free 9Marks resources and also receive discounted and affordable access to resources to use in their missionary ministries.

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ABTS / Cornerstone 

Asia Biblical Theological Seminary, in collaboration with Cornerstone University, offers theological education in Asia. As a formal partner without a signed document, ABWE supports their mission to provide quality biblical education.

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Banner of Truth

ABWE has been privileged to receive donated books and resources through Banner of Truth’s book fund designed to bless missionaries and overseas partners.

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Bible Fellowship Church Denomination

ABWE is one of the approved agencies through the Bible Fellowship Church Denomination’s Board of Missionaries through which approved BFC missionary candidates can serve, and ABWE missionaries can contact BFC churches for support.

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Baptist Network Northwest

BNN is a network of Baptist churches working together to spread the gospel in the Northwest region. ABWE is proud to be associated with BNN in their mission

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Carolina College of Biblical Studies

Carolina College of Biblical Studies is dedicated to providing education in biblical studies. ABWE appreciates the partnership in advancing theological knowledge.

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Cedarville University

Cedarville University, a private Baptist institution, has a formal partnership with ABWE to offer educational discounts for missionary graduate work.

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Chemistry Staffing

Chemistry Staffing collaborates with ABWE in various capacities to further the mission

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Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University received ABWE trainings and courses for educational credit.

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Commission Creative

Commission Creative is a design agency for missionary support raising collateral to which ABWE refers its missionaries.

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Corban University

Corban University works in partnership with ABWE to provide quality Christian education.

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Crossroads Fellowship

Crossroads Fellowship in Indiana is committed to community and spiritual growth. ABWE is pleased to partner with them.

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DiscipleFirst is dedicated to discipleship and spiritual development. ABWE supports their mission.

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General Association of Regular Baptist Churches

GARBC has an informal partnership with ABWE, with shared missions and resources.


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Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training is an organization to which ABWE refers missionaries.

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Liberty University

Liberty University is a partner of ABWE, providing tuition assistance for ABWE MKs.

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Mac Lake

Mac Lake is a valued partner in the mission of spreading the gospel.

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Missio Nexus

Missio Nexus is a partner that provides resources to ABWE missionaries.

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MyCircle Evangelism Training

My Circle Evangelism Training, part of Xchange with Steve McCoy, has a formal partnership with ABWE in evangelism training.

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Northeast Collaborative

Northeast Collaborative, founded by Dan Nichols (former ABWE missionary), has an informal partnership with ABWE to provide resources for a network of churches.

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QMissions partners with ABWE in various mission activities.

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Radius International

Radius International is a trusted and valued training organization. ABWE believes in their work and welcomes their students and alumni to serve with ABWE.

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Small Church USA

Small Church USA supports small churches across the country. ABWE values the partnership in this essential mission.

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The Go Fund / Airo Missions

The Go Fund, a formal partner, collaborates with ABWE to pay student debt for missionaries. The Go Fund and The Missions Course now exist under the single organizational name AIRO Missions.

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The Traveling Team

The Traveling Team is a formal partner with ABWE to mobilize college students to missions from state universities.

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Warrior 180


Warrior180Foundation is an informal partner, working with ABWE in various mission activities through Rich Culp, ABWE Regional Director for EveryEthne serving in the US.

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