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“One of our national partners has famously said that what Muslims need to see in order to come to faith is a practical Jesus. We are all about living the new life we have been given in Christ alongside Muslim nationals in authentic, caring relationships.” ABWE Missionary

The Spiritual Need in the Middle East

The Middle East, which often refers to a region of transcontinental countries including Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and others, bears some of the world’s greatest physical and spiritual needs. Along with Central and Southeast Asia, it is home to some of the most unreached people groups. While it is the birthplace of the world’s three monotheistic faiths—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—Christianity makes up the smallest group, representing less than two percent of the population in parts of this region.

In some countries in the Middle East, nearly 100% of the population claim to be Muslim. Most have not had the opportunity to understand or experience the love of Jesus lived out by a believer. Due to incredible political tension, religious conflict, and societal turmoil, many generations of families in the Middle East have lived in poverty and experienced hardship and uncertainty on a daily basis. People living in the Middle East desperately need Christians to live life among them to demonstrate the great faithfulness of our God.

Islam teaches explicitly that God has no Son (Qur’an 112:3), causing many Muslims to reject the gospel message by default without first seeking to understand it. Many assume Christians to be polytheists. At the same time, for the last several years, anecdotal reports have poured in from throughout the Islamic world of Muslims seeing unusual dreams that lead them into contact with Christians, churches, and with the Bible. Often this results in conversion. We believe that through faithful proclamation of the gospel, the church of Jesus Christ will be built among all the nations—including the Islamic world.

Church Planting In Mediterranean Middle East

In this creative access region, we seek to practically demonstrate the love of Christ to Muslims by meeting spiritual and physical needs through medical care, community development, refugee relief, sports outreach, education, teaching English, small business development, and sharing the gospel. We see God moving as we build personal relationships, offer genuine hospitality, and a provide a variety of services that demonstrate and introduce Jesus to Muslims and their communities.

Healthcare and education are major needs in developing countries. Clinical and palliative care programs are meeting significant needs and opening doors for redemptive relationships. Providing educational opportunities such as teaching English, administration of children’s programs, or training leaders are also great opportunities for evangelism and reaching communities.

We need workers to join us in refugee ministry in the Middle East, as the population of refugees from places like Syria is ever-growing. We work with local churches to meet basic needs like food, mattresses, and blankets, while also offering literature that addresses the deep needs of their hearts. Through informal schools, we are helping to provide basic education for refugee children.

We partner with nationals on community development projects and business development initiatives to help alleviate poverty and provide hope and dignity in the Arab World. Medical care, counseling, providing desperately-needed building renovations, and engaging with public schools are all ways to improve impoverished communities and share the eternal hope found in Jesus Christ.

Is God calling you to share the gospel with Muslims in the Middle East?


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Agricultural Development

Serve as a coordinator for developing agricultural programs that help tribal people move from slash-and-burn farming methods to stable hillside gardens and orchards.

Assistant & Lunch/Recess Monitor

The Position Join the team at the Balkans S.T.E.A.M. School where you’ll minister to local children and their families through education. The Need The Balkans is ethnically diverse region with predominantly Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox beliefs. The land is rich with history, beauty and resources but the differences in religious beliefs have led to civil

AV Program Coordinator

We are seeking a audio-visual program coordinator to help develop a strategic communication plan for our organization's ministry in South Asia.

Bible Translator

Help bring the gospel to hundreds of thousands who have never heard, as a Bible translator in South Asia.


Ayvalik Church Building

We want to purchase a building that will enable the Ayvalik Church to have a more secure future under local leadership. The house church model has not proven to be very workable in this area. Most organizations have reached this conclusion.…

Christian International School (CIS)

Christian International School (CIS) in North Africa has been providing a quality KG-12 Christian education for more than 20 years—equipping students to impact their world for Christ and providing longevity to many Christian workers and tent-makers partnering with the local community.…

Discipling Believers (North Africa)

North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the persecution, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead churches and ministries in His name. From their training center, they go out to countries across the region to places where they are uniquely gifted to serve with their appearance, language, and cultural understanding.…

House Churches & Radio Ministry M&M (North Africa)

Great things are in progress on the mission field through this ministry! Our missionaries will be sharing more project details shortly and look forward to how you might get involved. If you need to get in touch immediately, let us know at…


Around the Middle East, sports activities act like an open door into relationships and conversations with youth in Majority communities. In war-torn regions where conflict is a way of life, Arel uses athletics and play to connect with the next generation and share the Gospel.…