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Considering missionary work in Mexico? We offer short-term and long-term missions opportunities in Mexico for those with a heart for cross-cultural ministry! These unique opportunities will utilize your gifts and talents to proclaim Christ in Mexico. In addition, our internship programs offer hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry, giving you the chance to fuel your passion for missions and make an eternal difference in lives. Join us today, and become part of something bigger.

The Spiritual Need in Mexico

With a population of 194 million, Mexico is the 10th most-populous country in the world and the largest Spanish-speaking country. Roman Catholicism is the overwhelmingly predominant faith in Mexico—making the country the second-largest Catholic community in the world—but Catholicism is seeing a decline as more Mexicans join Protestant churches, Buddhism and Islam slowly gain influence due to immigration, or people increasingly profess no religious affinity at all.

Mexico is experiencing unprecedented outbreaks of drug cartel-related violence, a rise in violent crime, corruption in nearly every sector of society, and great civil unrest. In Mexico City, which has 33 million residents, the situation is dire and many people are leaving the city in search of safety in more stable or prosperous areas of the country. At the same time, some locales like Tijuana have become spiritually calloused due to a revolving door of short-term missions workers from the United States. What is needed are sustainable, long-term, local church-centered ministries of biblical evangelism and disciple-making.

Reaching Mexico’s youth with the gospel is of utmost importance. With their country facing a national crisis of insecurity and uncertainty, and violence and corruption shaping their perspective of society, they are questioning the traditions and religion of older generations. Young people in Mexico may be more open to accept the gospel as it offers hope for radical life change and eternal purpose. But many communities are without churches or leaders to tell them about new life through Christ.

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Church Planting Missions In Mexico

Proportionate to the challenges the country faces, the spiritual need in Mexico is urgent. The ABWE team in Mexico equips Mexican leaders with theological education and evangelism and discipleship tools, works in student ministries and youth outreach, helps plant churches, and much more.

The team has planted two churches and aided partners in the planting of two others, and church-planting efforts are also underway in the northern part of Mexico City. Additionally, the Bible Training Center in Mexico City offers local believers a place to receive hands-on teaching, training and mentoring to help equip them for ministry.

Is God leading you to help multiply faithful believers through ministry in Mexico?


  • Pray that Jesus’ love and forgiveness will overcome the strongholds of crime, violence, and corruption.
  • Pray for corrupt government officials to repent and seek God’s righteousness.
  • Pray for radical discipleship to replace empty religious traditions.

Before I came to Mexico, I don’t think I truly understood the importance of personal relationships and the gospel. Yes, I had friends and ministered in the US, but I didn’t gain a true appreciation of pouring your life out for others. Working one-on-one discipling new believers is demanding, but one of the most joyful ministries. God has changed me as much as the people I disciple.” — ABWE Missionary in Mexico


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Church Planters

We need church-planting partners to work alongside Mexican believers to train and assist them in planting new churches.

New Teammate

Through sharing the gospel and then discipling new believers here in the migrant farm camps, we are given an amazing opportunity to reach villages that we would never be able to reach on our own.

Youth Leaders

We’re seeking youth leaders and teachers burdened for reaching the children and youth of Mexico.


GAP ADELPHOS | Nelson Morales

Global Access Partnerships (GAP) partners with the Adelphos Mission Agency in Mexico to resource and encourage national missionaries.…

IB Peniel Teran

Iglesia Bautista Peniel's attendance is growing and is making plans to construct a larger sanctuary in the future. There are two properties for sale beside the current church. The congregation plans on acquiring the land first and then raise funds in the future to construct the new sanctuary in stages as they are able. …

Mexico Bibles and Resources

Culiacán is the largest city in Sinaloa, known as the breadbasket of Mexico. It is surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds, of migrant farm camps where indigenous workers come from all over the republic to cultivate and harvest produce that is sent primarily to the U.S. …