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The Spiritual Need in Togo

Togo is a small West African country bordered by Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, and the Gulf of Guinea. It is home to just over eight million people who make up at least 46 unique people groups, including many that are unreached with the saving knowledge of the gospel.

Togo’s culture and religious atmosphere reflect the influences of its many ethnic groups. Despite the prominent population of Christians (45%) and growth in followers of Islam (16%), over half of the Togolese syncretize native animistic practices and beliefs along with their primary religion. This region is believed to be the birthplace of voodoo, and its spiritual hold in the Togolese nation persists today. While evangelistic efforts have been successful, new challenges are facing the younger generation. The community of believers in Jesus Christ needs help to advance the gospel.

Church Planting Missions In Togo

ABWE began leading church planting missions in Togo in 1974. Ministry opportunities have since grown tremendously and even created a platform for outreach into neighboring countries. ABWE teammates are impacting lives in this West African region in the following ministries.

ABWE medical teams in Togo serve their communities in two hospital settings: The Hospital of Hope in northern Togo, which has an impact that reaches into several countries, and the Hôpital Baptiste Biblique​ (HBB, Karolyn Kempton Memorial Hospital) in southern Togo, from which dozens of churches and Christian schools can trace their roots back to hospital ministry and its community outreaches. HBB has been so instrumental in regional church-planting efforts that 53 churches have been planted within ministry distance from the hospital, 80% of which are now led by national believers. The hospital itself serves more than 18,000 patients each year, each one of them hearing the gospel while in its care, and on average, 14% of them professing faith in Christ. We are grateful for this environment in which to share both physical and spiritual healing, within and outside the hospital’s walls.

Working alongside national churches, we have an opportunity to evangelize and disciple future generations through education. Two primary focuses for educational ministry in Togo include the operation of Baptist Christian schools throughout the country, and the Village of Light school, which has been a vehicle to bring visually-impaired youth and young adults of Togo to Christ.

Our teams also work through many other ministries. The aviation outreach integrates compassionate medical care with the evangelical witness of church planting throughout West Africa. The FM Christian radio station, Hope Radio, provides discipleship material and equips local churches with outreach materials and media. A Christian Resource Center exists to strengthen the church in Togo by providing literature in French and local languages at affordable prices. The aquaponics ministry helps supply and feed Togolese students healthy produce, while opening doors to sharing the gospel. As the Togolese church continues to grow, we see great need for theological educators to help the Christian community begin to train more of its own pastors and missionaries. There is surely a ministry fit for anyone who desires to participate in the growth of the gospel and the church in Togo—is God leading you to join us?

We'd love to talk with you about how God is leading you.


Hospital Administrator

THE POSITION Our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital needs an administrator to help to direct the transition to its new, larger facility and an expanded outreach to the many unreached people groups living in our beautiful corner of South Asia. Responsibilities include public and government relations, finance and personnel. The job could also grow to include supervision

School Director for Evangelical Christian Academy

THE POSITION Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) is seeking an experienced educator, administrator, or director to oversee the staff and operations. ECA is a K-12 school with a student body of approximately 100 students from a dozen or more countries. Some of our students are children of missionaries. Others are international students who are not from



Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) provides national pastors and lay persons throughout Asia with the rigorous biblical training and theological understanding they need to answer God’s call in their lives. ABTS is based in Southeast Asia and offers US-accredited degrees through Cornerstone University.…

Adeta Station Council Fund

The Adéta team of southern Togo is active in church planting, medical ministry, aviation, hospitality, and leadership training. This fund provides a means for helping the team meet spiritual and physical needs and for financing special projects in the local community and on the missionary compound. Please…

Adidogome Project Lome

We are seeing God do wonderful things in the growing churches of Togo. The Togo team is in the process of building a training center to host events that would promote the evangelism and edification of believers, in addition to providing a place to gather and prepare Christian leaders to ministry across Togo and beyond its borders.…

Aquaponics Ministry of Togo/now VOL Farm

Formerly known as the “Aquaponics Ministry” it is now the VOL Farm. The system was originally set up to grow plants on water in addition to raising tilapia fish, in a cyclical water raceway system. We are still raising tilapia fish successfully, both to feed to the students at the Village of Light school and to sell to the public to help pay for the fish food.…