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The Spiritual Need in Trinidad & Tobago

As a world leader in energy production and an entertainment epicenter, Trinidad and Tobago has a reputation that betrays its small size. It is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean, and is home to more than one million residents between its two major islands. The islands have a unique blend of Indian, African, Chinese, Arab and Caribbean cultures, because of the many resettlements of people groups on the islands during European colonization. Generations of Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern residents have impacted the island’s traditions and religious beliefs. In fact, about 30% of the population practice Hinduism or Islam, and Hindu holidays are widely celebrated. About 67% of the population identify as Christian, with 41% of them as Roman Catholic and 24% evangelical believers.

While the people of Trinidad and Tobago are very religious in tradition and in thought, issues like substance abuse and addiction run rampant on the island. The effects of widespread addiction include high crime rates and the dismantling of the family unit in society. Our hope is to transform communities by reaching future generations with the truth of the gospel before they experience similar systemic brokenness.

Evangelical Missions To Trinidad Tobago

Starting in 1999, ABWE missionaries have been leading by example in Trinidad and Tobago. The greatest need for our evangelical missions to Trinidad Tobago is for team members who have a great love for people and a willingness to share God’s word. We seek additional missionaries who can help offer theological education to local pastors to broaden their biblical knowledge and disciple new believers. In order to reach families and communities for Christ, we need individuals who are willing to share the gospel in Trinidad and Tobago and serve in church-planting, youth and children’s ministries, leadership training, teaching, counseling, and sports programs.

Is God leading you to be a witness of his truth and faithfulness among the people of Trinidad and Tobago?


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Community Ambassadors

The Position Do you enjoy initiating redemptive conversations and building redemptive relationships with those who are far from Christ? One of the first steps in church planting is Biblically and creatively engaging the community you are wanting to reach with the gospel. We need team members who are willing to be ambassadors for Christ to


Our Trinidad and Tobago team desperately needs trained, qualified counselors to help us in church-planting, evangelism and discipleship ministries.

Disciple Makers

The Position Do you love to walk beside new believers in a one-on-one or one-on-small group setting to help them grow in their faith and become those who can eventually disciple other new believers? We need team members who can intentionally and strategically invest their lives in this core ministry of the Great Commission. We


Hokett Baptist Primary School

The desktops at the Hokett Baptist Primary school are 25-30 years old and have been destroyed by termites. The goal is to collect a minimum of $1000 USD to buy the materials to replace the tops on all the desks at the school.…

Live Global | Church Restoration Work with Pastor Arron (Trinidad and Tobago)

Pastor Arron and his wife Carrille are involved in school counseling and religious instruction in three primary schools, and open-air meetings and ministering at orphanages, group homes, and geriatric homes. They also run food and clothes drives for the needy. They preach the Gospel at children's church, Sunday school, and Bible club.…