Transforming Addicts in the Caribbean With the Gospel

Lennox Boodram was suicidal until he encountered the gospel. Now he is making disciples along with the missionaries surrounding him.

“I had gasoline poured all over me and a lighter in my hand, and the lighter would not light.”

Lennox Boodram grew up as a pastor’s kid in Trinidad. But as a young adult drugs took over his life. He was an addict at 22. The drug abuse got so bad he tried to kill himself. But God had other plans. Lennox was homeless and wound up in Florida where a local church cared for him. Now Lennox is the director of Turning Point in Trinidad. He helps people turn their lives around and points them to Christ.

Trinidad and Tobago are increasingly home to more and more Muslim and Hindu populations in need of the gospel. While the people of Trinidad and Tobago are very religious in thought, substance abuse and addiction run rampant on the island. Because of this, families are often unstable and there is a high level of crime. Our hope is to transform the culture by reaching future generations before they get indoctrinated by this broken society.