Asia & Pacific

ABWE began in the Asia Pacific region nearly 100 years ago—starting with our first missionary, Dr. Raphael Thomas, pioneering medical ministry in the Philippines in 1927. To this day, our focus in Asia and the Pacific is on the spread of the gospel and making disciples of all nations.

Although much of Asia is off-limits to missionaries today, our long history and established national partners enable us to reach regions others often cannot. Our teams are still finding new opportunities to share the gospel, train leaders, and plant churches among Asia’s 4.6 billion people and thousands of people groups. From forging outreaches to tribal unreached people groups in Papua New Guinea, to planting churches among Muslim-majority communities in Australia, to equipping missionaries from Hong Kong and Thailand to serve in other neighboring countries, this massive region has seen a powerful awakening for the gospel.

The Asia and Pacific regions form much of the 10/40 Window, housing many of the least-evangelized people on earth (unreached, unengaged people groups), as well as most of the world’s religiously-oppressive governments. Buddhism, Islam, and Eastern religions such as Taoism and Confucianism make up the overwhelming majority of belief systems and have a cultural and spiritual hold on their followers. Syncretism of animistic traditions and dharmic religions confuse those open to exploring the Christian faith. Believers and seekers are often at risk of persecution. Our teams have navigated these challenges for decades and remain committed to pioneering mission.

The geographical, political, and religious scope of this region is so vast, that while many nations are closed to ministry workers, others are much more accessible. Nations that promote religious freedom or are more friendly to the gospel, such as Australia, South Korea, and Hong Kong, can serve as a launching point for both local and international missions.

We believe in relational evangelism that meets both the physical and spiritual needs of the lost in Asia. We continue to preach the gospel while healing the sick, caring for refugees, nurturing vulnerable orphans, women and children, and providing aid to those in distress, knowing that the love of Jesus mends broken hearts and provides hope to the hopeless.

Decades of creative evangelism in limited access countries, disciple making, church planting and strengthening of local believers has led to the birth of hundreds of new local churches, thousands coming to know Jesus as Savior, and the conception of indigenous missions movements. As Asian churches have matured, they have become a sending force for the gospel. Asia and the Pacific remains one of the most dynamic, innovative, and rewarding regions to serve throughout the ABWE world.

Ministries in Asia and the Pacific include:

  • Campus ministries
  • Children’s ministries
  • Community development
  • Church planting
  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • Education ministries
  • Healthcare
  • Leadership training
  • Missions movements
  • Student ministries
  • Team development
  • Theological education
  • Translation & ESL

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