The 2021-2022 New Missionary Class

Meet the new ABWE missionaries committed to carrying the gospel into the harvest.

From Message magazine issue "Hardship & Harvest: New Missionaries in a Changing World"

When Jesus told his disciples to pray for more workers for his harvest (Matthew 9:38), he was looking out on a rapidly-changing world.

The political peace under Rome was breaking down. Tensions were rising. Within a generation, the Jewish temple would be destroyed and many Jews dispersed.

Yet when Christ looked out on that world, he didn’t just see the coming hardships. He also saw ripe fields ready for reaping. Souls to be saved. Peoples prepared for the gospel.

Today, despite the tumultuous circumstances unfolding at every moment, we remain in a season of harvest. The gospel is going forth. The Great Commission is being accomplished. And the Lord of the harvest is still sending laborers.

Since autumn 2021, we’ve seen 84 new workers added to the ABWE global workforce. Their stories of calling and consecration to ministry are linked below.

Many of our workers are serving in contexts that pose a security risk to them or their partners in ministry. Some identities have been withheld for their safety and effective witness.

Join us in praising God for sending more laborers into the harvest, even in the face of global hardships—and pray for these faithful workers to bear fruit in their work for the Lord.


Jordan & Jessica Bird | Benin

Timothée & Myriam Déglon | Togo

Caleb & Hannah Johansson | South Africa

Aaron & Amanda Langworthy | Uganda

Ben & Sara Pryce | Uganda


James & Lisa Atkinson | Western Europe

Stefan Bacioiu | Romania

Clarissa Boden | Western Europe

Andrea Davis | Western Europe

Micah & Emily Griffith | Poland

Landon & Chelsea Stapleton | Eastern Europe


Savannah Dance | Japan

Joel & Misti Diffenderfer | Japan

Nathan & Stephanie Melton | Japan

The Pacific

Stephen & Elizabeth Fox | Australia / New Zealand

Trenton & Hanna Shields | Australia

Latin America

Asa & Suzanna Bartos | Peru

Robert Blazer | Colombia

Elijah & Elizabeth Norris | Ecuador

Elaina Southwell | Brazil

North America

David Lazeski | United States

Alberto & Gina Mayta | United States

Joe & Kim Olachea | United States

Julie Redmer | United States

Daniel & Amy W. | United States

Creative-Access Locations

0171981 | South Asia

0171971 | Southeast Asia

0172011 | Southeast Asia

0171781 | United States

0172021 | United States

4003199 | United States / Caribbean / Asia

Plus 21 additional workers serving in creative-access locations across the globe.