Abundant Harvest in the Philippines

Missionaries and Filipino believers sharing the gospel through chronological Bible teaching have seen tremendous results.

From Message magazine issue "Hardship & Harvest: New Missionaries in a Changing World"

In the Philippines, the birthplace of ABWE, Filipino believers continue to grow in their zeal for evangelism.

Missionary Steve Deal and Filipino Pastor Ariel Abadiano have been using chronological Bible study resources from ABWE’s Good Soil ministry and witnessing astounding fruit. Steve’s ministry helped launch 38 weekly home Bible studies, averaging 420 in attendance.

“The reason our home Bible studies are so successful is we teach from Genesis to Revelation,” Steve shared.

One Filipino woman, saved through Steve’s church plant in Calumpang, began witnessing to her husband, Arnell. He too came to faith. Now, serving as a pastor, Arnell himself teaches 14 of the 38 home Bible studies and shares biblical truth with more than 150 people weekly.

Another local, Noel, is a high school teacher who has led several students to faith in Christ, and they too are becoming eager to share their faith.

“They boldly share their faith teaching Bible studies during the week,” Steve explained. “God [is] using young adults who have surrendered their lives for his service during these difficult days.”

Pastor Ariel recently translated Good Soil’s The Story of Hope resource into Tagalog, and translation efforts are underway for Cebuano, the two most common native languages in the Philippines.

Randy Southwell

Randy Southwell is the Overseas Director of Good Soil Ministries. He received his M.Div. from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and previously served as a youth leader at his local church with his wife Sarah. They joined ABWE in 1997 and served as missionaries to Brazil from 1999 to 2018, when they returned to the US to serve with the Good Soil team.