Behind the Headlines: An Update From the Ukraine Team

Through the Ukraine Crisis Fund, believers in Ukraine are being sustained.

Lost in the roar of a worldwide pandemic are often the lesser-known voices. Their relatively quiet troubles often can’t be heard over the din of news broadcasts blasting the ever changing data from COVID-19.

If we’re not careful we can easily grow deaf to certain needs in our world. May this letter help raise the volume of those struggling in Eastern Ukraine after 6 years of unresolved conflict. Coronavirus headlines may have drowned out their voices on the nightly news, but that doesn’t mean their problems have gone away.

Over the past year, we have been in contact with many churches on both sides of the front lines and many of them shared with us the difficulties they face and the joys they see as they continue to serve God, preach the gospel, and help those in need.

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The Ukraine Crisis fund provides resources to national partners and churches who are seeking to meet the needs of their community in a time of upheaval and unrest in order to compassionately share the gospel with hurting people.