How a Broken Ankle Led to a Missionary Calling

Katie never thought her injury would be the way that God led her to Asia.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Katie’s path to the mission field didn’t kick off on the right foot, or to be more precise, the right ankle.

At 16 years old, she severely broke her ankle during an accident. The injury required surgery and a six-month recovery. By the end of that painful season, she would take her first steps in a new direction.

While bedridden, God revived her childhood dream of going to Japan. She began to educate herself on Japanese culture, watching TV shows and doing her own research. Her heart broke for the people as she learned more about the spiritual lostness that enveloped the nation. Nevertheless, Katie remained uncertain if she should pursue missions work to Japan.

“I’ve always told God that if he wanted me to do something, he must make it painfully obvious,” Katie said.

Over time, Katie grew confident in her calling, and she continued into Bible college after her injury and then traveled to Italy to attend a missions school. Her peers affirmed her zeal for ministry, so Katie decided to put it to the test in 2018 by serving in Japan for the summer.

Returning the US, Katie was determined to go back to Japan for the long haul. Her original plan was to prepare and raise support for a few years first. However, God shortened those years into months when an opportunity arose with ABWE to be a missionary kid (MK) educator in Japan starting the fall of 2020.

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