Discipleship Under Cover of Darkness

Risky questions about Jesus lead to secret meetings, salvation, and spiritual growth despite persecution.

From Message magazine issue "The Mission Continues"

Brahim knew his questions were dangerous. How could he find out the truth about Jesus’ identity without being turned in to the authorities? 

Brahim had been watching television in his shop one day when he tuned into an Egyptian religious channel and heard a man speaking about Jesus. As a devout Muslim, Brahim knew Jesus to be a prophet and messenger of God, but this time his heart reacted differently. Could Jesus indeed be the Son of God? 

Searching the internet, he began reading passages from the Bible. The more he studied Scripture online, the more he grew convicted that Jesus truly was God, and his eyes were opened to the truth of the gospel. 

Still, questions remained. Weighing the risk, he decided to confide in his friend Sidi, with whom he often discussed Islamic teachings. Through God’s providence, Sidi, although still Muslim, had been secretly meeting with Andrew, an ABWE worker, after attending an English conversation class Andrew led with his wife, Anna Ruth.  

“Many times, Andrew had questioned God on whether to continue conversations with Sidi, and each time, God would convict him to continue,” said Anna Ruth. “God was paving the way, even when we didn’t know what he was doing.” 

When Andrew met with both men, Brahim confessed his salvation, saying he “felt like someone who was ordered to be released from prison after being imprisoned his whole life.”  

Responding to Brahim’s desire for discipleship, Andrew began traveling to his house late at night, concealed by darkness from fundamentalist neighbors. Brahim daily pours over his Arabic Bible, persevering in his faith even through testing. Despite proselytizing being illegal in his Islamic nation, and conversion punishable by death, Brahim carefully and courageously proclaims stories about Jesus to his wife, friends, and family.  

Although his business partners withdrew their contract, demanding payment and keeping watch over him 16 hours a day, his wife has been intrigued by the growing spiritual fruit in his life. 

“Among the handful of believers among this people group, there are no whole families or couples who are believers together. We are praying that Brahim’s wife will come to faith, so they would be the first,” said Andrew. 

Andrew connected Brahim with a new believer who was recently disowned from his family, laying the foundation for a future church plant. In the meantime, they continue to develop trusting relationships to strategically share the gospel.  

Brahim explained, “It is our duty to communicate the truth to others, otherwise we will be like those who see people drowning and do not save them.”  

Editor’s Note: Names have been changed for security.