Falling from Grace

God used a tragic accident to fill a brokenhearted orphan with joy.

It was a tragic accident.

Nand* fractured his spine when he fell from a tree he was climbing and slammed into the hard South Asian ground. The homeless, 12-year-old orphan languished in pain for several days, his dried tears caking dirt onto his face as people scuttled past, avoiding his gaze.

Finally, a compassionate passerby picked Nand up and carried him to ABWE’s renowned hospital several miles away. The diagnosis was grim, but the hospital’s skillful surgeons and doctors never gave up hope.

Therapy began and progress was slow, but Nand’s arms and legs responded and he gradually started to walk.

Throughout his recovery, doctors and nurses shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with Nand, and his heart also began to respond. He was told of a loving Father who gave everything for him, and of a family of believers that was larger than he could imagine. A smile appeared on Nand’s face, and continued to grow every day.

Nand now lives at the hospital, where he is loved, cared for and recently baptized. He still walks with his walker, and has yet to regain full control of his body. However, his hands have recovered quickly, and he is known throughout the hospital campus as the boy who pipes away on his flute, waving at people and smiling brightly.

God used a tragic accident to fill a brokenhearted orphan with joy and bring him into His family. Incredible stories like Nand’s happen every day, all over the world through the ministries of ABWE’s International Healthcare Ministries.